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…meanwhile in heverlee (I)*

Posted in Architecture, Landscape, On the street, Scenes by Mihai Stoica on March 30, 2011




*I suddenly and abruptly became fascinated with this almost lego-like suburbia, this satellite of Leuven. Heverlee… I can only attempt a short description for now, and this is also why I am starting this photographic exploration. For some reason I almost always manage to lose sense of direction in its labyrinthine layout and discover new and wondrous spaces. I must admit that I’m captivated with the intricate almost obsessive attention given to gardens and lawns facing the street, despite the fact that at almost any moment of the day these places are deserted. They seem mummified minuscule landscapes. All sort of artifacts displayed behind the windows appear to stand as motionless observers to the calm transit of cars, bicycles and people. But then the landscape changes. Wide open fields and vegetable gardens, farms and the lakes of Park Abbey emerge suddenly from the plethora of walls and houses. The swift passage of trains and the distant hiss of the highway are omnipresent reminders of the lifeline of these suburban dwellings – the city.

The place where I live is at the border of Leuven and Heverlee (on the Heverlee side), therefore my viewpoint is that of an inside outsider. I will explore these intimate spaces with regard only to themselves, therefore the approach is aesthetic in essence.

I will share the images with you as they emerge.

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